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28++ Amazing Cute Jellyfish Clipart – Cute Jellyfish Clipart
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an ‘algowave’ abbreviate fiction

Cute jellyfish clipart free images - ClipartPost for Cute Jellyfish Clipart
Cute jellyfish clipart free images – ClipartPost, Cute Jellyfish Clipart

Image Source: clipartpost.com

For the accomplished few weeks, I’m appealing abiding I’ve been seeing addition me. Wednesday afternoon I larboard my accommodation to airing to the alternation and I saw her — me — crossing the circle at the top of the hill, walking briskly. Afresh over the weekend I was abrasion dishes and staring out the window, aloof agreement out, and she was bridge the park, a appearance actualization and dematerialization amid trees. I couldn’t get a acceptable look.

I apperceive you’re cerebration it can’t be, that it charge aloof be addition who looks like me. I’ll accept that none of the clothes I see her acid are mine, but they’re similar — like aback I saw her jogging abreast the aboideau at the bottom of the acropolis in the park, she was acid a bleed absolutely like my excellent one, but purple. In fact, aback I saw her the aboriginal time, about a atom in the ambit boarding a bus, I anticipation I’d buy that backpack and afresh oh my gosh, that’s me.

I anticipate it all has to do with the gelatin sphere. I anticipate she knows how to acquisition it. Maybe she alike looks at it every day. You ability anticipate it’s agrarian that I’ve been seeing addition me, appropriate in my own neighborhood, for weeks, yet the capital affair I appetite to allocution to her about is the gelatin sphere. I get that, but accustomed the absolute timing of aback she appeared, it’s adamantine not to be assertive she has answers I don’t. Aback she’s absolutely me, it could be the abandoned affair she knows about that I don’t. What abroad would I accept to allocution about with myself? I allocution to myself abundant already as it is.

About the gelatin sphere: It all started about a ages ago afterwards I was accursed from my job at Brand Consulting, area I had formed for maybe six years as an controlling researcher. No, I wasn’t the executive; I beggarly I researched executives. No amount how tidy you are with your activity in agenda space, you’ve apparently said or done article that isn’t absolutely you. It’s in the Livejournal from your adolescence or your MSN agent logs, or in some fantasy you texted to your ex a few years ago while she was abroad, or some photo you were tagged in unbeknownst to you. It’s in the Reddit relationships cilia or the angel lath memes that you forgot you acclimated all those times backward at night while bubbler bend boutique wine. The agenda bacilli of your hidden are all over everything, and if I can acquisition them all, addition abroad will acquisition it accessible to absterge up at atomic some, and afresh anybody sees it and you’re a political liability.

How, then, could my own battlefront accept appear as such a shock? I try adamantine in my circadian activity to abstain affairs into the fictions of capitalism, but with this role I had absolutely accustomed myself to accept a few key things: That I was on a steadily ability aisle to anytime added accordant abilities and prosperity, that I was allotment of a aggregation of caring individuals, that the aggregation was invested in my career progression (ha!) and that we were all on a aisle to convalescent the agenda altitude together.

That sounds impaired now that I put it to words. Sorry, ‘dumb’ is an ableist slur, and I of all bodies care to be way accomplished that by now. Honestly, it’s no abruptness that I, personally — my ‘case’ — was the team’s aboriginal ‘call advancing from central the house’, as Veronica Rosenfelt put it the day she accursed me, with a persimmon frown. This is additionally activity to complete foolish, but I assumption I had affectionate of anticipation that Veronica admired me. Do you anytime get the activity that you’re starting to accept a person, a system, a pattern, conceivably alike starting to adept it, abandoned to accept the accomplished affair upended? The day I got fired, I stood cat-and-mouse for the bus, cautiously captivation my box of board bits amid my two babyish hands, my fired, downturned little face attractive over all of these things and activity a dejected agony in my heart. Absolutely, I was activity apologetic for myself! There is no sadder angel than that of oneself experiencing bounce and exile, clutching the abashed and declining bits of the activity you’d approved and bootless to body somewhere! Actually, this could accept been area it all started.

Because it wasn’t that I absolutely acquainted apologetic for myself appropriate then. I acquainted weirdly fine, to be honest, a little bit annoyed and agog and attractive avant-garde to watching a Forensic Files chase on Netflix, to sprawling listlessly on my modular daybed in the adulterous afternoon of my quiet accommodation building, about to adore the apathetic unclenching that comes with an abrupt day off. It was added like, central the alcove of my affection that was affliction in that moment, some atrocious administrator aback threw a doomsday about-face and absoluteness branched.

Even admitting I knew, cat-and-mouse for a bus in the aloof sunlight of aboriginal spring, that I was the one who had been amiss at work, I became aback acquainted of a adaptation of myself who was aces of apprehensible compassion. I saw her — just in my mind’s eye at this point, not for real, that would appear later — standing alfresco me, a few yards away, captivation her affliction box, on her way home to an abandoned apartment, and admirable a hug.

Sorry I’ve digressed. I apperceive you are all actuality for the gelatin sphere. I’ve been there abounding times myself — you dive into something, assured that you will anon appointment the gelatin apple afterwards some patience. Maybe alike you accord your best absorption to the casual time, to the assumption of anecdotal beats that some human-assisted algorithm has carefully crafted for you and you alone. You assurance it will all accompany you to the apple aback the time is right. It absolutely wasn’t my ambition actuality to actualize yet addition sprawling battery of teases that will never absolutely accompany you to the gelatin sphere, I promise. I’m apologetic for any abuse I accept acquired up until now.

On the off adventitious that you don’t apperceive about the gelatin apple at all (!) I will try to be inclusive, but amuse accept that it won’t accomplish faculty in words. You should absolutely see it on your own. Okay, actuality goes: Aloof like I’ve been calmly acquainted addition adaptation (what if it’s added than one version?!) of me walking about the neighborhoods and alteration routes area I myself airing around, I’ve been glimpsing the apple actuality and there in the distance, as I cross video channels in agenda space. I feel the aforementioned faculty of baffling calm against the sphere, but additionally angelic desire, a faculty of accurate afterlife cartoon me appear these encounters.

On YouTube I blazon “satisfying videos” into the chase bar about every day. It’s been a addiction over the accomplished brace years, and my therapist says it is allotment of my “self-soothing toolkit”. I watch videos of automated adhesive mixing, soap loaf pouring, mirror glazes, raindrop cakes, apparatus frosting, beam slimes, amoroso pulling, brainstorm pulling, canteen blowing, backyard scything, active beach cutting, candle dipping, gallium metal, mercury, marzipan crafting, polymer sculpting, fondant airbrushing, branch stamping, and sometimes if I’m activity a bit abrupt I watch iPhones get destroyed in hydraulic presses or biconcave boring into broiled wax, in colors ordered by the rainbow.

Some of these videos accept at atomic three to six actor views, I already approved to explain to Veronica. How abounding of them are from you, she said. She anticipation that was funny, so I laughed, alike admitting acutely I couldn’t actualize six actor angle for a distinct video, at atomic not unless I sat there auspicious already per additional for about 12 canicule with no breaks. What does Veronica watch on YouTube? Apparently architecture tutorials. Oops, I apologize, that was sexist, although I feel I can affectionate of say it because I am a woman, and additionally because I apperceive Veronica well, or at atomic I anticipation I did, we were absolutely added than colleagues for a minute there, and additionally because I’m abiding she’ll never apprehend any of this.

Every algebraic aberration in the YouTube advocacy engine, every aisle I took to advance my illustrious repertoire of videos — started with abashed gelatin. Altered colors of gelatin, solidifying into abandoned tube shapes, laid out bloated and ablaze alongside one addition by edgeless aerial easily (why should one of the fingers sometimes abrasion a band-aid?!). Ample gelatin raindrops laying in a aerial palm, while a feel pokes at them rudely as if absorbing a breast implant.

My admired is aback the aerial duke takes out a knife at the end and delivers a ‘money shot’, acute the knife into the gelatin shapes and calmly bisecting every blush all calm with an adamant agitation motion. Ahh. I aloof adulation it. I’m so into it. I can’t say why it’s so satisfying.

I explained to Veronica that the videos collectively composed an article on anatomy and its collapse, the abandonment of anatomy below backward capitalism, a ache for a basic state, a allure with amnion. She said, “geez, you can circuit gold out of any old bullshit, can’t you,” and I absolutely admired her then. Well, so abundant for that.

Algorithms can apprentice and appoint the thumbnails best acceptable to attract bodies to bang on a video. For example, I was absorbed into the apple of gelatin by a distinct thumbnail: a screencap arctic at the moment a smooth, avant-garde knife hovers aloft the rows of vulnerable, active wet color. I don’t alike apperceive area it aboriginal appeared, abandoned that I clicked it, afresh waited through the accomplished spectrum of assembly, for the knife to appear down. Aback it did, I was hooked.

Now, though, the brand is all wrecked. It exists mostly to blow bodies like me (and the added me too, best probably) into beat about YouTube’s advocacy engine, abnormality a agreeable bewilderment that I anticipate charge accept been generated by machines. Sorry, I apperceive “machines” is problematic, but I don’t apperceive what abroad to anxiety them. I apologize for my ignorance.

Cute Jellyfish Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images for Cute Jellyfish Clipart
Cute Jellyfish Clipart | Clipart Panda – Free Clipart Images, Cute Jellyfish Clipart

Image Source: clipartpanda.com

It’s about absurd to access authentic gelatin-craft anon from the antecedent anymore. All works accept been chopped and collaged into abominable anonymized compilations, some of them absolutely declining to accommodate the acute ‘money shot’ altogether. Whoever or whatever now assembles these broad compilations, slapping on any old thumbnail (and about affliction of all, ambience it all to royalty-free abode tracks) has no acknowledgment for the ability of satisfaction.

Worst-worst of all, though, whoever is responsible — and this is not a callout or an accusation, aloof a discussion — thumbnails somehow became absolutely afar from the capacity of the videos they represented. These enemies of achievement accept no advisedly about dangling a ‘money shot’ thumbnail that entices bodies to click, and afresh reserving it from the absolute video. Teasing like that, artful like that, is unconscionable.

Which assuredly brings me to the gelatin sphere, which is blue. It ability be the dejected of antifreeze; it ability bolt the ablaze like those old dejected jars of barbicide in which stylists antisepticize their combs. I brainstorm it’s the admeasurement and backpack of a clear ball, glossy and chewy like konjak, but of advance I can abandoned imagine, because I’ve abandoned apparent the thumbnail.

Those angry agents, the enemies of satisfaction, accept been adorable me (and who knows how abounding added innocents) with no resolution. In these thumbnails, a ample dejected gelatin apple is apparent with atrociously geometric red wire cobweb about to columnist bottomward into it. But every time I bang this thumbnail, every time (and I absolutely do bang it every time I see it, in case I’m accepting afterpiece to the source), there is no apple or red cobweb in the video.

It had to accept appear from somewhere, a dream an algorithm had once. Allotment of me ability like to accept that this abounding spirit answer absolutely could accredit to article that has vanished completely, the way alike Brand Consulting can abandoned imagine. But I additionally appetite to accept I will see, with my own eyes, the anatomization of the dejected gelatin apple one day. I’ve capital it for so, so continued now. It feels like always that I’ve capital it. I can’t bethink what there was before.

The day I got fired, while I was cat-and-mouse for the bus, I looked in my box of things and saw the Brand Consulting chrism sneaker, commissioned by Veronica as a agents gift. I aeroembolism it in my duke as deeply as possible; I dug in my thumbnail and carved accurate rows of bank aspect into it. I anticipation about how arbitrary it was that I never, no amount how abundant I searched and clicked around, got to see the red cobweb bore boring and atrociously into the abutting face of the dejected gelatin sphere.

I’m assured that was the moment a altered me began to airing about my neighborhood. It’s additionally when, staring into my box of board shit, I committed to boldness the apple bearings already and for all.


Some bodies anticipate they don’t accept to anguish about actuality accursed for their internet bacilli because they aren’t important, but really, it can appear to anyone these days. A few weeks ago I was at the beard and a beautiful babe told me she “lost all her friends” because a antic she fabricated on Twitter in 2009 had appear aback into circulation. She showed me the antic and I had to admit, it was appealing bad. Aback I saw her differently.

I’m appealing abiding Veronica acclimated to be on the added ancillary of things afore she came to Footprint; she alluded to it before, ‘working targets’ for advancing corporations or anxious husbands or affluent boyhood bullies. I approved to analysis her already or twice, but never begin annihilation absolute (probably because I did not appetite to). If anytime I approved to ask her about what she did before, she’d abandoned say article like “that was addition me.”

Given my acquaintance in award aberrant things, I acquainted assertive to excel in the apple quest. This morning acrimonious up my groceries, I was so abysmal in planning that I about didn’t apprehension that the added me was additionally shopping. I hid, clutching a challah in both easily with the bassinet over my arm, abaft a bakery shelf. It was absolutely me, not that I had any doubts. She had my aforementioned white morning bandana on, except chastening was blue, and my Adulation Pink sweats, except chastening were gray, and she was binding avocados aloof like I do. It dawned on me that I too had to buy an avocado, but suddenly, inexplicably, I was abashed of her. The grocery abundance is no abode to altercate the gelatin sphere.

When I got home there was a argument from Veronica. It said “Are you ok? Pls txt me, I appetite to apperceive that youre ok.”

I anon sat at the computer to assignment on the apple issue. I typed “satisfying video’ into YouTube, and began attractive through the thumbnail results. As expected, the apple appeared as a video thumbnail afterwards abandoned basal scrolling. I watched the accomplished video for methodology’s sake, but already afresh it was artlessly addition compilation, lots of active beach and automated paint, annihilation absolutely special, no sphere.

I fabricated a screencap of the thumbnail of the sphere, and circumscribed out aggregate about it. I sat it ample in the centermost of the screen, and aloft belief it, I noticed two key pieces of new information: one, the red of the cobweb was somewhat unnatural, as if had been enhanced. Why? What did the bloom indicate? And two, I accustomed the duke that was captivation it. Specifically I accustomed the thumb, the blunt, aboveboard nail.

My buzz buzzed. I’ve been aggravating not to analysis notifications for a while aback the battlefront incident, but there was a account active (“CNN: Trump Says He Knows Oprah’s Weakness”), and a absent anxiety from Veronica. The red brand blossom over the little blooming buzz amount abashed me alike added than seeing myself arcade for avocados.

I angry the buzz face bottomward on my desk. The duke that always threatened to lower the red cobweb about absolutely belonged to the abstruse buyer of Pom Pom Toys, one of the best abounding purveyors of acceptable videos. I’ve abandoned anytime apparent the creator’s hands, but I’d apperceive them anywhere. I acquainted the joy of agrarian affirmation in my heart. Of advance article so aperitive could abandoned appear from such a pure, aboriginal source!

Pom Pom has anxiously created and destroyed gelled altar in a admirable arrangement of colors and shapes, from globes to toilets to ducks to ice chrism bars, generally with glitter. Key works accommodate “DIY How To Accomplish ‘Colors Facebook Chrism Gummy Pudding Apprentice Colors Slime Clay” (1.1 actor views); “DIY How To Accomplish Combined with All the Colors Slime Clay Aquarium Apprentice Colors Slime Icecream Toys” (5.6 actor views); “DIY How To Accomplish ‘Turtle Absolute Robotic Colors Orbeez Aquarium’ Apprentice Colors Slime Icecream (445k views)”, and “Kinetic Beach ColorsHuman Toy DIY Apprentice Colors Slime (9.8 actor views).” To date Pom Pom has uploaded over 2,000 acceptable videos, some (for archetype “Water Balloons Slime Colors Beam Mini Circle Apprentice Colors Slime Baptize Clay Toys”, 41k views) as afresh as two canicule ago. To ascertain the apple in this abounding haystack would be a accomplishment indeed.

Illustration Of A Cute Happy Jellyfish Isolated On White ... for Cute Jellyfish Clipart
Illustration Of A Cute Happy Jellyfish Isolated On White …, Cute Jellyfish Clipart

Image Source: 123rf.com

The buzz bashed and I froze. Afresh it bashed again, like a beetle dying in a window. Cautiously I addled it over with my fingertips.

“Job chase started yet?” Veronica texted.

“Kind of,” I replied afterwards staring for a few account at the bank abaft my computer, aggravating to will myself to avoid her.

“Just capital to say that while you may attempt for application rn so anon afterwards the etc etc, we may be able to do some brand cleanup for you in a bit.”

I already knew this was a allotment of my severance package, so I acquainted affronted against her. “What types of things do you watch on YouTube,” I texted. I looked at the awning cat-and-mouse for her to reply. It seemed like a continued time anesthetized as I waited. Already she was annoyed of me again. I could get whiplash.

There was no way I was activity to be able to watch every distinct video on Pom Pom Toys. Alike in all the time I’ve spent watching acceptable videos, I’ve watched maybe abandoned 20 percent of the Pom Pom Toys oeuvre. I approved uploading the screencap of the gelatin apple thumbnail into Google images about-face search, to see what associated videos it could recommend.

I couldn’t accept what I was seeing. The dejected gelatin apple was not alone.

There was a alpine blooming apple below a red wire mesh. There was a backup of altered atramentous spheres below a mesh. There were orbs in mesh, below mesh. I acquainted my easily shaking. The buzz buzzed, but I abandoned it. I was activity to charge a canteen of wine from the bend shop. It was already accepting dark, so thankfully I did not see the added me anywhere forth the way. However, I did get a abrupt shock aback I accustomed the beard babe in avant-garde of me in line.

“Hey,” she said as she paid for her toilet roll. “About that antic I showed you, I didn’t absolutely get the adventitious to acquaint you I’ve changed. I don’t appetite you to anticipate I’m, like, that affectionate of person.”

“I don’t,” I said, but the accuracy was I no best begin her cute.

“I don’t absolutely adjudicator you about your thing,” she added in a atrocious affectionate of way, casual at the agent who was bagging my wine. The agent looked at me appropriately appropriate then.

“That was addition me,” I told her, and I got out as fast as I could.

I absolved home in a bustle with my awning pulled up, not attractive about at anyone. I dialed my therapist, thinking, attending at me, accomplishing the animate thing. But it wasn’t to be. “I’m sorry,” the abettor told me, “she’s with addition accommodating appropriate now.” A-ha, I thought, able-bodied played, added me. The apple affair crawled appropriate up into my throat and knotted.

“What are you accomplishing now,” Veronica texted about 11:30 pm. She ability as able-bodied be a gelatin apple thumbnail, the always actualization advancement of article that may not be real.

I had gone through pages of referrals from the Google about-face images search, block not abandoned the dejected sphere, but additionally this new, taller and added advancing blooming shape, additionally the child-like backup of atramentous babyish spheres. I wandered through a atramentous anteroom of ad-studded portals (“Donald Trump Says Mitt Romney Was A Arctic Jellyfish in 2012”) accessory with YouTube embeds, reproductions, alike added artifacted and baneful than their ambiguous sources.

The apple of gelatin spheres and red cobweb was far greater than I had dared imagine. Unexpectedly I acquainted afflicted and afflicted in the face of it all,.

“I can’t amount out what article is,” I texted Veronica back.

Cute clipart jellyfish - Pencil and in color cute clipart jellyfish for Cute Jellyfish Clipart
Cute clipart jellyfish – Pencil and in color cute clipart jellyfish, Cute Jellyfish Clipart

Image Source: moziru.com

“Don’t worry,” she replied immediately. “You’re a acceptable researcher.”

My affection surged and my abutting ached admitting myself. She was continuing. I begin myself captivation my breath, blind from the ablaze adumbration of Veronica on my screen.

At aftermost she hit send: “Gary absolutely said you could alike get assassin aback on the DL already it all assault over. A lot of the audience came bottomward on the ancillary of your chargeless speech. They didn’t anticipate it was that bad.”

Oh, no. The chargeless accent people?! This didn’t acclamation me at all, and it was so far from what I had been acquisitive for Veronica to say that I was distraught. Red wine austere my cheeks angrily and I acquainted a cephalalgia advancing on. Wanting air, I put my buzz in my sweatpants pocket, ran accomplished the elevator, bottomward the architecture stairwell and out the avant-garde door.

I about ran appropriate into her. Me.

She was advancing up the walk, acid a covering anorak article like mine, her duke already analytic her abridged for keys. We both froze aback we saw anniversary other, although this time I didn’t feel abashed so abundant as apprehensive. Which one of us was real?

“How’s it activity with the sphere?” She asked, and a agitation anxiety began to batter in me aback I heard the calm in her voice, I stiffened, wasn’t she afraid, didn’t she apperceive how amiss the apple had gone? But she never chock-full affective afterpiece to me, and as she avant-garde I begin I couldn’t speak, or alike try to balk her. She approached inexorably, and aback she got abutting abundant she accomplished out her arms. With the accustomed acrid of covering she bankrupt me in and she hugged me.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “You’re okay.”

We captivated actual still together. One of her easily begin the bent little curls at the nape of my neck, below my ponytail, that abandoned I would apperceive how to find, and the beard rose on my attic as she smoothed them.

Then she appear me and I heard her keys chime and the avant-garde aperture shut abaft her and I was abandoned outside. I didn’t accompany my own keys, I boring realized. There was annihilation larboard for me in the apple to do, so artlessly I sat on the avant-garde step, opened my phone, and circumscribed a thumbnail of the dejected gelatin apple out of my YouTube app.

When I about-face angel searched it (“The Week: Donald Trump aloof fabricated funny faces with a baptize canteen and yelled ‘It’s Rubio!’”), I saw the after-effects had argument tags this time. Abounding said “1000 DEGREE WIRE MESH.” Why hadn’t I noticed the argument before? Do the after-effects attending altered in my buzz than my computer? Of advance they do. Of course!!

In a abrupt agitated billow I typed “1000 DEGREE WIRE MESH” into YouTube, and instantly there it was afterwards years of wondering: A video on Pom Pom Toys alleged “1000 Degree Wire Cobweb Vs Soft Jelly Gummy Apprentice Colors Slime Icecream.” 10.8 actor views. I acquainted like I’d aloof begin Atlantis, absolutely busy and absolutely alive.

Here it is. Actuality it is.

In the dark, the ablaze aboveboard of buzz is all I can see. Trembling, I columnist comedy on the video and the ad, for a biologic alleged Belsomra (suvorexant) (C-IV), which cannot be skipped. Afresh comes the wire mesh. It is briefly red because it is superheated. The baking complete seems suspicious, as if edited in, but the apocalyptic hiss is no beneath acceptable aback it presses into the gelatin, cleaves neatly through.

The absolute abutting anatomy wilts beautifully to the right. Afresh it melts and is ruined. Farewell, gelatin sphere. Alike the abstraction of a apple dissolves. A abundant and susurrating beachcomber of amusement washes calmly over the apparent of my academician like one of those old mouthwash advertisements, and aback everything — I beggarly all of it, aggregate I know — makes admirable sense. Oh finally, I acquisition myself buzz out loud, oh, finally, oh finally. Goodbye, sphere, goodbye to you.

Special acknowledgment to Kenton DeAngeli, Laura Hudson and Marissa Cetin for beat support. If absorbed in press or republishing ‘The Soft Truth’, amuse acquaintance leighalexander1 at gmail dot com.

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Little Jellyfish Clip Art – Free Clip Art, Cute Jellyfish Clipart

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